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Robert Smith Literary Agency Limited was set up in 1997 to seek out quality non-fiction authors with original and well researched book ideas. We work closely with our authors to develop their books, so that they have strong editorial and commercial appeal, enabling us to obtain the best possible advances and terms from publishers.


As long-standing members of AAA (The Association of Authors’ Agents), we are up-to-date with the latest industry intelligence to further and protect our authors’ interests.


Agency News

Agency Highlights in 2018


2017 was again a very successful year for the agency.  On the last day before Christmas, we concluded a great deal for James Reed’s The 7 Second CV.  Six major publishers were all offering five figure sums.  Ebury Press won the auction in an exciting final round.  It will be published in December 2018.


Stephen Fulcher’s Catching a Serial Killer continues to perform well.  It reached No. 7 on the Sunday Times listing of General Paperbacks, and has garnered over 200 5* reviews on Amazon.  Sales will doubtless be boosted by the ITV documentary on Steve’s remarkable journey in solving two murders of young women, due for transmission in the autumn.  And in 2019, there will be a prime-time six part drama series, based on Steve’s story on a major terrestrial channel.


Our big royal book for 2018 is Harry: Conversations with the Prince by Angela Levin.  She followed him in an official capacity for a year, and had two private interviews with him.  John Blake publish on 3rd May.  Rights already been sold to several territories, including the USA, France and Germany, all for simultaneous publication.  Angela has been honoured with her appointment as CNN’s London anchor during the week of Harry and Meghan’s wedding.


Carol Ann Lee’s book about the victims and survivors of the Yorkshire Ripper, Somebody’s Mother, Somebody’s Daughter, based on exclusive first-hand interviews with them, will for the first time focus solely on the women he attacked.  TV drama rights were snapped up, almost as soon as we had sold the publication rights to Michael O’Mara, who will publish in June 2018.


Carol’s books are a magnet for TV production companies.  Her book on the Jeremy Bamber murders, The Murders at White House Farm (Sidgwick & Jackson, 2015) is currently in production for a psychological thriller TV series, again for a major terrestrial broadcaster.


Roberta Kray never disappoints her legion fans of her East End crime thrillers.  Now her star is set to rise even higher.  The paperback of Survivor was published in February 2018, and she has just delivered her 16th novel for Little, Brown, an absolute cracker of a story, Deceived, to be published in November 2018.


Penny Farmer’s brother and his girlfriend were gruesomely murdered by Silas Boston on a boat off the coast of Belize, while on holiday 40 years ago.  Penny’s family, with the help of the police in Manchester and Sacramento, California, had been trying to bring the serial killer to justice, and finally, in 2015, Penny tracked down Boston’s son, Russell, through social media.  At age 12, he had witnessed his father’s murderous assaults on the young couple.  Boston was arrested and arraigned but cheated justice by taking his own life.  Penny’s gripping book, Dead in the Water, written with Russell’s cooperation, comes from John Blake in August 2018.


Kate Elysia, now in her late 20s, has written No Way Out with John McDonald.  Her empowering book describes how this middle-class girl was groomed by Pakistani gangs to endure years of being repeatedly raped, before gathering the strength to bring many of her tormentors to justice.  No misery memoir, she explores the cultural, religious and sexual behaviours of these men, and how she developed the psychological skills to pull herself clear from years of degradation and substance abuse to become a psychotherapist advising women similarly trapped.  Ebury Press publish in July 2018.


Goldfinger and Me is the inside story written by John “Goldfinger” Palmer’s widow, Marnie, with Tom Morgan, of the man himself and his top-end crimes, such as the Brink’s-Mat gold bullion robbery and the timeshare scams in Tenerife.  The History Press publish in August 2018.


Future Developments


In the pipeline are books on health, fitness and diet for women, special forces, autobiographies of a business superstar and a legendary living artist, a new book by James Reed, and much more non-fiction.  There’s even an action-packed Wilbur-Smith type thriller, one of the agency’s rare excursions into fiction.


Media Representation


The agency also has an extensive list of clients, for whom we act over a range of media activities.  These include setting up and negotiating contracts for:


* News and feature articles in national newspapers and magazines

* On-air interviews and appearances in TV documentaries

* Consultants on TV documentaries, TV dramas and feature films

Robert Smith

March 2018