Inspirational Real Lives

Sarbjit Kaur Athwal

with Jeff Hudson


The honour killing that shocked Britain – by the sister who fought for justice

Virgin Books (June 2013)

Athwal Shamed27-year-old Surjit Athwal was lured by her husband to a wedding in India, where she was murdered and her body thrown into a river. Surjit’s sister-in-law, Sarbjit Athwal, had been present at the family meeting in London, at which her mother-in-law pronounced a death sentence on the absent Surjit, for bringing dishonour to them. Risking the same fate, Sarbjit covertly sought justice for nine years, finally securing long custodial sentences for Surjit’s mother-in-law and her husband. Speaking publicly for the first time, this brave woman exposes the full extent and extreme injustices of forced marriages and honour killings in Britain today.

David Berridge

Inside Parkhurst

The Final Stretch

Seven Dials (September 2023)

Inside Parkhurst The Final StretchDavid Berridge returns with more stories from his time as a prison officer at HMP Parkhurst, giving a raw, uncompromising look at the harsh reality of working in British prisons. From dealing with inmate violence and clearing out defiled prison cells to the unsavoury nature of prison language and life, this is an even more detailed look inside Britain’s most infamous prison.

Through it all, David retains his wry humour and offers a much-needed assessment of the state of UK prisons today, the job crisis and poor recruitment, the corruption and gangs running rife, and the mental health epidemic hitting prisoners, causing many to take their own lives.

Guiding us in episodic fashion through the various wings of Parkhurst prison, we witness the horrifying, disgusting and often hilarious life of a prison officer through David’s own eyes.

David Berridge

Inside Parkhurst

Stories of a Prison Officer

Seven Dials (August 2021)

Inside ParkhurstAssaults. Riots. Cell fires. Medical emergencies. Understaffed wings. Suicides. Hooch. Weapons. It’s all in a week’s work at HMP Parkhurst.

After 28 years working as a prison officer, with 22 years at HMP Parkhurst, once one of Britain’s most high security prisons, David Berridge has had to deal with it all: serial killers and gangsters, terrorists and sex offenders, psychopaths and addicts. Inside Parkhurst is his raw, uncompromising look at what really goes on behind the massive walls and menacing gates.

Thrown in at the deep end, David quickly had to work out how to deal with the most cunning and volatile of prisoners, and learn how to avoid their many scams. He has been assaulted and abused; he has tackled cell fires and attempted suicides, riots and dirty protests; he has helped to foil escaped plans, talked inmates down from rooftop protests, witnessed prisoners setting fire to themselves, and prevented prisoners from attempting to murder other prisoners. And now he takes us inside this secret world for the first time.

With this searingly honest account he guides us around the wings, the segregation unit, the hospital and the exercise yard, and gives vivid portraits of the drug taking, the hooch making, the constant and irrepressible violence, and the extraordinary lengths our prison officers go to everyday. Divided into three parts – the first from David’s early years on the wings, the second the middle of his career, and the third his disillusioned later years – David will take readers into the heart of life inside and shine a light on the escalating violence and the impact the government cuts are having on the wings.

Both horrifying and hilarious, David’s diaries are guaranteed to shock and entertain in equal measure.

Ralph Bulger

with Rosie Dunn

My James

The heartrending story of James Bulger by his father

Sidgwick & Jackson ( 2013)

Bulger My James PaperbackIt is a crime, no less disturbing today than it was in 1993, when Ralph Bulger’s two- year-old son, James, was abducted and brutally murdered by two ten-year-old boys, Jon Venables and Robert Thompson. Ralph talks with searing honesty about the murder, the nightmares that haunted him and the grief that ripped his marriage apart. He describes his outrage at his son’s killers being sentenced to only eight years’ detention in a secure unit and how he has found the strength to sustain a twenty-year battle to achieve justice for his son. My James is a father’s loving tribute to his adorable young boy, whose bright smile brought joy to all who knew him. Deservedly No. 1 in the Sunday Times bestseller chart.

Les Cummings


An abusive children’s home. A childhood destroyed

Pan Books ( 2008)

Les Cummings spent many years of his childhood in a local authority children’s home.  Conditions were harsh, with terrifying violence meted out by some of the staff.  Sent to live with foster parents for nearly three horrendous years, he was beaten, starved and sexually abused.  He spent many days at a time locked in a cupboard under the stairs.  His life was slipping out of control, until one day he found the strength to break free of his abusive past.

Clive Driscoll

In Pursuit of the Truth

A Life in the Met

Ebury Press (July 2015)

Driscoll In Pursuit of the TruthGripping, inspiring and at times shocking, In Pursuit of the Truth is a warts-and-all account of modern day policing – seen through the eyes of a man who has dedicated his life to making a difference.

Former Detective Chief Inspector Clive Driscoll made his reputation solving the unsolvable. Most famous for finally securing the convictions for the murderers of Stephen Lawrence in 2012, Clive’s prodigious rise through the ranks of the world’s most famous police force, the Met, saw him head up some of the most high-profile units at Scotland Yard.

Clive has dedicated his 35-year career to unearthing the truth. This is his brutally honest story.

Georgie Edwards

The Best Medicine

The true story of a nurse who became a doctor in the 1950s

Ebury Press (June 2013)

Edwards The Best MedicineWorking during the late 1940s and 1950s, Staff Nurse Georgie Edwards realised that, if she was to restore the health of her patients more effectively, she needed to diagnose and treat as well as to nurse them. She was offered a place to study medicine at the prestigious Barts Hospital in London, and in her own distinctive manner, set about becoming a doctor, who listened and cared, a far cry from the consultants ‘who sweep by’. But Georgie also fell in love and wanted a family as well as a career. Warmly evoking both the joys and the sadnesses of her work, The Best Medicine is Georgie’s engaging and often humorous memoir of her early years in the Health Service, first as a nurse, then as a doctor.

Karen Edwards

A Killer’s Confession

and a Mother’s Fight for the Truth

Headline (August 2019)

Edwards A Killer's ConfessionA mother’s story behind one of the most dramatic true crime cases in recent history.

“I have lived every parent’s worst nightmare. On what would have been my daughter’s 29th birthday, Detective Superintendent Stephen Fulcher knocked on the door and told me my beautiful Becky was dead. She had been found buried in a shallow grave in a remote field in the Gloucestershire countryside. Becky had been brutally murdered.”

This is Karen’s story of an unbreakable love for her daughter despite unimaginable tragedy: from her despair through Becky’s troubled teenage years, to the agonising eight years when Becky was missing, and then the dramatic story of how a killer’s confession led to a terrible discovery.

Karen was thrown into a world where the truth was never guaranteed; where taxi driver Christopher Halliwell nearly got away with murder; where the police officer who found her daughter was punished instead. The one constant has been Karen’s determination to fight for Becky, tirelessly campaigning for the truth about what happened and Halliwell to face the consequences of his evil actions.

*The murders of Becky Godden-Edwards and Sian O’Callaghan will soon be the focus of major new ITV series A Confession starring Martin Freeman as Stephen Fulcher and Imelda Staunton as Karen Edwards.

Kate Elysia

No Way Out

My terrifying story of abuse at the hands of a vile sex ring

Ebury Press (July 2018)

Elysia No Way OutKate’s ordeal began when she was living in sheltered accommodation, and she was violently introduced to an Asian sex ring. Traumatised and alone, she was too weak to try to escape or even tell anyone. Four years later, she had been passed between over 70 men in the West Midlands, was on drugs, and suffered with PTSD so severe she was on the edge of suicide. So when Operation Chalice came to recruit her, would she be strong enough to turn the tables and bring her abusers down?

Hugh Firth and Loulou Brown

Love, Loyalty and Deceit

Rosemary Firth, a Life in the Shadow of Two Eminent Men

Berghahn Books (September 2023)

Love, Loyalty and DeceitHow much do we really know about our parents’ lives? What secrets lie in plain sight? This is the true story of hidden love within a small circle of some of the most acclaimed anthropologists of the 20th century.

Told by Rosemary and Raymond Firth’s son, and the daughter of Celia and Edmund Leach, the man Rosemary loved all her life, this part love-story, part biography, part social history is the story of a highly influential circle of social anthropologists in Britain from the 1930s, through the Second World War, to the end of the century.

The book explores their early influences, their insecurities, their flaws, struggles and achievements. It is a story of passion and commitment, but also of deceit and betrayal, including the inexplicable disappearance, death and alleged murder of a very close friend. It also narrates Rosemary’s struggles for emotional and intellectual independence in the face of societal expectations of women and her own guilt, loss and self-doubt.

Steve Gallant

The Road to London Bridge

How I went from a life of violence to stopping the terror attack at Fishmongers’ Hall

Seven Dials (October 2023)

The Road to London BridgeThis is a story of physical bravery, moral courage, and the power of redemption from the man who led the charge in stopping the terrorist attack at Fishmongers’ Hall in November 2019.

From cell fires to violent feuds and gang battles on prison wings, after being sentenced to life imprisonment for murder, what Steve witnessed at HMP Frankland made him change his life forever. After losing everything, he vowed to never use violence again.

In November 2019, Steve’s redemptive journey led him to a Learning Together event at Fishmongers’ Hall, hosted by his mentor, Jack Merritt, and attended by Saskia Jones. It was here, on his first day out of prison on day release, that Steve was forced to break his vow as he bravely confronted and fought armed-terrorist Usman Khan on London Bridge. Armed just with a narwhal tusk, Steve wrestled and held Khan to the ground while he waited for the police to arrive.

In October 2020 Steve was granted a royal prerogative of mercy in recognition of his actions at London Bridge. In August 2021 he was released from prison.

Jamie Green and Mike Dunn

The Freshwater Five

A Fishing Crew’s Fight For Justice After Being Jailed For 104 Years. Jamie Green’s Story as told to Mike Dunn and Nicky Green.

The History Press (June 2021)

Green Dunn The Freshwater FiveIt was the biggest haul of cocaine ever discovered in the UK – £53m worth stashed inside eleven rucksacks that had snarled underneath fishing nets on the Isle of Wight. Within three hours, the police pounced, and in June 2011 five fishermen were found guilty of conspiracy to import Class A drugs. A jury believed they’d taken their boat into the Channel, then waited for someone to throw the bags into the ocean from a passing cargo ship. The men were handed prison sentences that totalled 104 years. However, when reexamined, the evidence (some of it new) proves they didn’t do it. Their boat was struggling to survive a Force Eight storm; crucial facts known only to the police were withheld; surveillance reports mysteriously disappeared; key intelligence was inexplicably spoilt; radio communications conveniently broke down; and expert radar analysis, which effectively sealed the men’s fate, was incorrect. Still imprisoned, the five men and their families continue to battle for their release. 104 Years is their story as told by the skipper of the crew on the night they found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Allan Grice

Call The Fire Brigade

Fighting London’s fires

Mainstream Publishing ( 2012)

Grice Call The Fire BrigadeWorking as a firefighter in London’s East End during the early 1970s was a tough but rewarding job for Allan Grice.  Back then, before the days of health and safety, he would crawl fearlessly below the level of the most intense heat and ‘eat smoke’, if there was a chance of rescuing a stranded child or impeding a rapidly spreading inferno.  Allan’s experiences of fires in factories, warehouses, tenements and other dwellings, as well as non-fire emergencies such as the Moorgate Tube disaster of 1975, are dramatically described, and the camaraderie among the fire crews vividly depicted.

Chrissy Handy

with Kathryn Knight

Seduced by a Sociopath

HarperElement (June 2022)

Seduced by a SociopathA devastating true story of love, betrayal, and deceit.

Chrissy: attractive, successful 40-year-old divorcee with three amazing children.

Alexander ‘Alex’ Marc d’Ariken de Rothschild-Hatton: international financier, wealthy, charming and smooth-talking.

It’s not long before they fall madly in love. With the promise of marriage and a new baby on the way, Chrissy knows she has been given another chance at love.

But then Alex asks for a loan to help him get over a few cash-flow problems. And, before long, £500,000 of Chrissy’s money has vanished – along with Alex.

After months of detective work, Chrissy finally tracks him down. But the reality of Alex’s true identity is far darker than she ever could have imagined …

Martin Hibbert

with Fiona Duffy

Top of the World

Surviving the Manchester Bombing to Scale Kilimanjaro in a Wheelchair

Ad Lib Publishers Ltd (April 2024)

Top of the WorldMartin Hibbert was left paralysed from the waist down by the Manchester Arena bombing which killed twenty-two people on 22 May 2017. Martin’s teenage daughter Eve was one of the 940 injured, in Eve’s case, gravely. The dad from Bolton has since become a leading campaigner both for victims of the atrocity and those with spinal cord injuries.

Determined to make a difference he took on the ultimate challenge, scaling Kilimanjaro in a wheelchair, becoming the second paraplegic to do so, and raising a million pounds for charity. Reaching the summit, on 13 June 2022 Martin, who was the closest person to the bomber to survive, said, ‘I’ve often wondered why I was saved. Now I know why. It was for this moment.’

This is Martin’s incredible story.

Rosalinda Hutton

Cry and You Cry Alone

The girl who vowed she’d never forget

Mainstream Publishing ( 2011)

Linda was plunged into the dark, terrifying world of 1960s institutional life at St Anne’s Convent, Orpington, a Catholic children’s home run by the infamous Sisters of Mercy and a former monk, who inflicted bizarre and barbaric practices on the children in their care.  Cry and You Cry Alone is the achingly honest story of a survivor of shocking child abuse that took place in the heart of an English suburb.

Naomi Jacobs

Forgotten Girl

A powerful true story of amnesia, secrets and second chances

Pan Books (April 2015)

Jacobs Forgotten GirlNaomi Jacobs went to sleep one night in 2008 as a 32-year-old mother, and woke up the next morning believing she was a fifteen-year-old school girl. She did not recognise the house she woke up in, though it was hers, nor her ten-year-old son, Leo. As far as she was concerned, she was in 1992 when John Major was Prime Minister, before the world had been blessed with mobile phones, DVDs or reality TV. She didn’t know it, but she had dissociative amnesia.

With the help of her personal diaries and those close to her, Naomi set about piecing together as much as she could of her missing years. What she discovered shocked her. As she dug deeper, she began to experience disturbing flashbacks of traumatic events. Would Naomi ever find her way back to the person she once was? Did she even want to?

Funny and moving, I Woke Up in the Future is ultimately an inspiring story of loss and redemption, and the power of second chances.

Nikola James

The Price of Love

Abused, beaten, trapped in a terrifying relationship
     – one girl’s story of survival

Sidgwick & Jackson ( 2007)

Scarred by her father’s violence and being bullied, sexually assaulted and raped at school, Nikola had nowhere to turn for help.  She fell in love and married Neil while still in her teens, but his abuse of her started on the first night of their honeymoon.  She was tormented, kept a prisoner, sexually abused, and subjected to horrific beatings.  When the violence escalated and he threatened to kill her, Nikola found the courage to fight back and be free of him.  Eventually, she turned her life around, and today is happily married and works as a therapist helping others.

Sarah Jones

Call Me Evil, Let Me Go

A mother’s struggle to save her children from a brutal religious cult

HarperElement ( 2011)

Jones Call Me Evil, Let Me GoSarah’s parents had no idea when they sent their teenage daughter to board at a school within an evangelical church community, that they were consigning her to a cult, which would isolate her from her family, brutalise her and brainwash her into submission.  Sarah looked on in helpless distress as each of her very young children was being beaten and force-fed by the Church’s leaders.  Call Me Evil, Let Me Go is the shocking, but inspiring true story of a mother’s ultimately successful attempt to free herself and her children from the cruel grip of the Church.

Siobhan Kennedy-McGuinness

with Rosie Dunn

Playing In the Dark

The shocking true story of an innocent game that became a lifelong

Century ( 2010)

Kennedy-McGuinness Playing in the DarkThere was a hidden, but terrible side to popular Radio Dublin DJ, Eamonn Cooke. His sexual abuse of Siobhan from the age of 7 and many other trusting young girls at his home and studios in Dublin was cunningly executed and vile.  She tried to bury her memories until, almost twenty years later, she saw the man, who had haunted her life, in the street holding the hands of two wide-eyed children.  Siobhan knew she had no choice, but to save them and other potential victims from Cooke’s clutches and, no matter what it took, get him sentenced to a long term of imprisonment.

Mo Lea

Facing The Yorkshire Ripper

The Art of Survival

Pen & Sword (October 2020)

Lea Facing The Yorkshire RipperAs a survivor of a brutal attack by the Yorkshire Ripper, this book gives fresh insight into the consequences of being labeled a victim of this notorious serial killer.

Mo Lea was followed home and attacked by Peter Sutcliffe, who hit her over the head repeatedly with a hammer. She was stabbed with a screwdriver leaving her with life threatening injuries. The book reveals how Mo has wrestled with the past, struggling to come to terms with the well-trodden, morbid narrative. She has written a new, fresh perspective for the present day.

Her writing offers an alternative account, one which repositions her as a survivor with a success story. While sympathy has its place for the victims, this book gives insight into processes of recovery and success. Mo had no control over unwanted media interventions. Sometimes the Ripper story would appear on the morning news while she was getting ready to go to work. She learnt to contain her anxiety but she could neither predict or escape these uncomfortable moments that reminded her of her past trauma.

Mo Lea’s art practice has been an important factor in her life. She has been fortunate to use this as an outlet to explore her pain, anger, suffering and recovery.

After years of personal growth and recovery, a short film was made of Mo Lea creating a drawing from the iconic photograph of the man who had tried to take her life. She is filmed ripping up the Ripper. She is filmed tearing up the portrait that she had so carefully drawn, rendering him as disposable as a piece of litter. The film shows how Mo turned her story around, making Sutcliffe the victim and herself, the triumphant survivor.

Mo had finally found a way of stepping out of the frame. She no longer felt like running away. The illustrations contained within describe better than any words, her journey from tragic despair to calmness and acceptance. By writing this book Mo Lea has found a way to reclaim her story.


Tony Long

Lethal Force

My Life As The Met’s Most Controversial Marksman

Ebury Press (July 2016)

Long Lethal ForceTop shot Tony Long is the most prolific police marksman Britain’s ever seen. For 25 years, he operated in the Met’s elite specialist firearms units and was at the forefront of SO19’s fight against armed crime.

Deployed on hundreds of dangerous operations, it was his duty to bring down terrorists, killers, and hostage takers, sometimes with lethal force – with only seconds to decide. Tony has been behind some of the UK’s most controversial police shootings but it was the death of suspected armed robber and drug dealer Azelle Rodney that brought his career to a devastating end. Tried for murder, Tony saw his life crumble around him…simply for doing his job.

An intense and dramatic read, Tony’s story raises serious issues about the responsibility that falls on the shoulders of those who risk their lives, and take the lives of others, in our name.

Marie McCourt

with Fiona Duffy

Justice for Helen

John Blake (February 2021)

Justice for HelenBurying a child is every parent’s nightmare. But Marie McCourt has spent 31 years yearning to do just that.

On February 9th, 1988, her 22-year-old daughter, Helen, left her office in Liverpool city centre, and began her usual commute home. But she was never seen again… Within days, local pub landlord, Ian Simms was identified as her murderer; and despite Helen’s body not being found, a mass of incontrovertible DNA and witness evidence at his trial twelve months later resulted in a life sentence.

But Simms has refused to disclose the whereabouts of Helen’s body, meaning Marie and her family have never been able to get closure. They’ve never had a grave at which they can pay their respects.

Marie has fought for the last 30 years to find her daughter’s body and to stop other families facing the same horrifying fate, recently winning the Ministry of Justice’s approval for “Helen’s Law”, characterised by the slogan: “No Body No Parole”, to be enacted.

This is the incredible story of the crushing devastation of a mother from the loss of her daughter, a callous murderer and the indomitable strength of a woman, who would not be bowed by an outdated law.

Ann Ming MBE

with Andrew Crofts

For the Love of Julie

A nightmare come true. A mother’s courage. A desperate fight for justice

HarperElement ( 2008)

Ming For the Love of JulieWhen Julie, Ann Ming’s 22-year-old daughter, went missing, she was certain she had been murdered.  Despite extensive searches of Julie’s house and the surrounding area, the police failed to find her, but three months later, Ann was horrified to discover her daughter’s body, still in the house.  A violent local man, Billy Dunlop, was tried for murder but walked free.  Knowing he could not be tried again under the law of double jeopardy, he callously bragged about his ‘perfect crime’.  But Dunlop had not reckoned on the steely determination of Ann Ming, who would make legal history by overturning the law, for which she received an MBE.

Kim Noble

with Jeff Hudson

All of Me

My incredible story of how I learned to live
     with the many personalities sharing my body

Piatkus ( 2011)

Noble All of MeKim Noble is an accomplished artist and the mother of 14-year-old Aimee.  There’s just one problem.  To all extents and purposes, Kim Noble does not exist.  Kim’s mind had fragmented as a result of repeated and horrific abuse before her third birthday.  Diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), her body plays host to 20 or more different personalities, each of whom paints in a completely different style.  Kim’s memoir takes us into her world of multiple realities, which is by turns shocking, funny and inspiring.  A top 10 bestseller.

Tara O'Shaughnessey


From childhood abuse to a life of crime and prostitution

Ebury Press (July 2019)

O'Shaughnessey SurvivorVictim. Prostitute. Gangster’s Wife. Survivor.

Tara grew up in squalor on the island of Alderney. When she was only four, she was sexually abused by one of her mother’s many lovers, a horror that continued for five long years. As a teenager, desperate to escape the toxic environment at home, she fled to London – but was swiftly drawn into working as a prostitute. She became involved with some of London’s most notorious gangsters – even marrying one – but when she realised the danger she was inflicting on her children, she knew she had to find a way to get out.

This is the inspiring story of one woman’s will to survive, and to fight for a better life.

Frances Reilly

Suffer the Little Children

The harrowing true story of a girl’s brutal convent upbringing

Orion ( 2008)

Reilly Suffer the Little ChildrenAbandoned at the age of 3 by her mother outside the gates of the Poor Sisters of Nazareth Convent in Belfast, Frances and her two sisters were left to the tender mercies of the nuns.  Brutally beaten, worked like a slave, abused and molested, the convent regime stripped her of everything – her innocence, education and any self-esteem.  But the hope of rescue or escape continued to burn inside her.  Suffer the Little Children is a gripping and moving story of Frances’s determined and successful struggle in later life, to force an admission of guilt and an apology from the nuns who had tormented her.

Lyn Rigby

Lee Rigby

A Mother’s Story

Simon and Schuster (May 2016)


Rigby Lee RigbyLyn Rigby’s story charts the unfathomably difficult time she has endured since May 2013 when her son, 25-year-old Fusilier Lee Rigby, was butchered on a London high street by two British-born young men compelled to avenge the killing of Muslims by the British armed forces. The savage brutality of the killing shocked the nation, and the ramifications spread to the highest levels of government, questioning the security of social networking sites that allowed the fanatics who murdered her son to discuss their intentions online and unchecked.
Lyn Rigby has questions for government and the military, but overall it is her story of sorrow, her campaign for a memorial dedicated to Lee’s memory, her admiration for the ‘angels of Woolwich’ and, hopefully, belief that her son did not die in vain. She is writing this book as a tribute to Lee – to give him a voice and to tell his story not just as a soldier, but as a vibrant, happy young man with a son and a future that has been so cruelly and viciously been taken from him.

Alexander Sinclair

Mummy Doesn’t Love You

The shocking true story of a mother’s campaign to destroy
    the life and mind of her own child

Ebury Press ( 2009)

Sinclair Mummy Doesn't Love YouAlexander Sinclair was the target of his Greek mother’s irrational hatred.  She was determined to destroy his mind, even his life.  As a young boy in Wales, Alex received severe beatings from his mother, who force-fed him amphetamines and Valium ‘to keep him in line’.  Enraged, she spirited him to Greece and committed Alex permanently to one of the worst mental institutions in Europe.  Here, he experienced unspeakable horrors until, at last, his British father found him and was able to arrange a daring escape from his incarceration.  A top 10 bestseller.

Jayne Sterne

with Adam Parfitt


A secret that can’t be told. A life forever ruined

Headline Review ( 2008)

Repeatedly raped, beaten, abused and battered from the age of 8 by a male relative, Jayne’s childhood was a living hell.  One thing had kept her sane: the love and care she received from her older brother, Stuart.  But he had demons of his own, and Jayne watched in despair, as he became increasingly consumed by rage with his wife, until, at a fateful Sunday afternoon barbecue, Stuart went berserk, shooting both her and her sister dead.  Destroyed is a heart-stopping true story told by a woman, who finally managed to overcome her harrowing past, and establish a normal and happy family life for herself.  A top 10 bestseller.

Natalie Welsh

with Diane Taylor

Sentenced To Hell

The incredible true story of a young mother’s miraculous escape from
    Venezuela’s notorious prison system

Sphere ( 2009)

In a moment of madness, Natalie agreed to be a ‘mule’.  Arrested by the Venezuelan airport authorities for the possession of drugs, she was given a prison sentence of ten years, and entered a nightmare world, where rapes, gang warfare and executions routinely occurred in the prison at the hands of its armed inmates.  Against impossible odds, Natalie escaped in a death-defying flight through Colombia and eventually back to Britain.  Sentenced to Hell is the compelling story of how one bad decision came very close to destroying Natalie’s life.

Karl Williams

with Justin Penrose

Killing Time

Locked up in Dubai’s Most Notorious Prison

Sidgwick & Jackson (April 2016)

Williams Killing TimeKarl Williams was on holiday in Dubai, living it large with two English friends, when they were accused of drug dealing, arrested, and tortured by police. They were innocent, but the authorities didn’t care. And so began their year-long nightmare as they were locked up in Port Rashid where prisoners of all nationalities were crammed into stinking cells, violence could erupt in seconds, and control of the jail was in the hands of a few powerful inmates. Unless you knew the right people and could work the system, you were screwed.

Karl was a survivor and managed to rise up the prison pecking order, making friends with local gangsters, Russian mafia and other assorted murderers, drug dealers, fraudsters and hapless innocents he encountered behind bars. But it was hard to stay positive when facing life or the death penalty… And then he was moved to the notorious Central prison, a terrifying place where HIV positive prisoners were used by gangsters to infect their enemies; and murders and rape were common. When Karl had lost all hope of finding justice, Reprieve, an organization of committed human rights defenders, took up his case . . .

Raw, totally gripping, and at times brutally funny, Killing Time takes you behind the shiny desert paradise to the heart of the real Dubai.