Delia Balmer

Until I Kill You

The shocking true story of the woman who survived living with serial axe murderer John Sweeney

Ebury Press (September 2024)

Until I Kill You CoverWhen Delia Balmer entered into a relationship with the attentive John Sweeney, she had no idea he was a serial killer.

At first he was caring but over the course of their relationship he became violent and controlling. On more than one occasion he held Delia hostage and tortured her. Chillingly, he also confessed to the murder of his previous girlfriend. After one serious assault, Sweeney was released on bail, and left her in the utmost fear knowing that he would return to finish her off. After a final frenzied attack leaving Delia on the brink of death, Sweeney went on the run. Astonishingly, it would take the police six years to capture and convict Sweeney of multiple murders.

This is her compelling memoir.

Martin Hibbert

with Fiona Duffy

Top of the World

Surviving the Manchester Bombing to Scale Kilimanjaro in a Wheelchair

Ad Lib Publishers Ltd (April 2024)

Top of the WorldMartin Hibbert was left paralysed from the waist down by the Manchester Arena bombing which killed twenty-two people on 22 May 2017. Martin’s teenage daughter Eve was one of the 940 injured, in Eve’s case, gravely. The dad from Bolton has since become a leading campaigner both for victims of the atrocity and those with spinal cord injuries.

Determined to make a difference he took on the ultimate challenge, scaling Kilimanjaro in a wheelchair, becoming the second paraplegic to do so, and raising a million pounds for charity. Reaching the summit, on 13 June 2022 Martin, who was the closest person to the bomber to survive, said, ‘I’ve often wondered why I was saved. Now I know why. It was for this moment.’

This is Martin’s incredible story.

Carol Ann Lee

Something Wicked

The Lives, Crimes and Deaths of the Pendle Witches

John Blake (October 2024)

Lee Something WickedOn 20 August 1612, ten people from Pendle were executed before a vast crowd at Lancaster’s Gallows Hill. The condemned and their associates had endured six months of accusations, imprisonment and torture; their treatment was such that one of the group died in Lancaster Castle’s dungeons, while awaiting trial.

Today, a thriving tourism industry exists in and around Pendle, the former home of the so-called witches, yet virtually everything we know about the case originates from a single source: Thomas Potts’ Wonderfull Discoverie of Witches, hurriedly published in 1613 and distinctly skewed in favour of the prosecution. Until now…

Sunday Times bestselling author Carol Ann Lee brings an entirely fresh perspective to the story by approaching it as true crime. Having worked in the genre for more than a decade, her research leads to revelatory discoveries, transforming our knowledge of those shadowy figures behind ill-famed names, and the terrible events that befell them.

After four centuries of superstition and surmise, the two central, warring families – each headed by a fiercely independent widow working as ‘cunning women’ – emerge fully formed, as the book uncovers the reality of their lives and their alleged crimes before exploring the trial and executions.

Along the way, we uncover the truth behind some of the story’s most enduring mysteries: the legend of Malkin Tower and the final resting place of the Pendle witches.
This is a ground-breaking book that will take the reader on a spellbinding journey into the dark heart of England’s largest and most notorious witch trial.

Mike Rothmiller and Douglas Thompson


Sex, Lies and JFK

Ad Lib Publishers Ltd (April 2024)

Reckless Sex, Lies and JFKFor a time, John F. Kennedy ran the US and the world like a player with loaded dice. All his life, he expected to be serviced. For most, sex is an optional side order; for JFK, it was demanded: a manifestation of his majesty, his power, a display of entitlement and godlike behaviour – the resulting mess was for others to clean up.

For the Kennedy men, beginning with prolific philanderer Joe Kennedy Senior, risk was a turn-on. As another Kennedy, Bobby Junior – son of a would-be president, nephew of another – runs for the White House, Reckless reveals how a dynasty’s arrogance led to tragedy. With its shocking revelations about how the Kennedy brothers lived and died, Reckless will make headlines around the world

Drawing on new interviews and previously protected police and US government intelligence files – tens of thousands of documents from the Los Angeles Police Department’s Organised Crime Intelligence Division, the CIA and the FBI, Rothmiller and Thompson reveal  quite how tarnished America’s Camelot was. The files corroborate how the Kennedys connived with the American Mafia, greedy corporations and Latin American tyrants to gain and hold power. All the usual suspects from FBI titan J. Edgar Hoover and billionaire Howard Hughes to CIA rogue agents and Mob hitmen appear in an narrative which sweeps from the salons of Washington to dictator Rafael Trujillo’s torture chambers in the Dominican Republic (where a dwarf called Snowball specialised in biting off men’s genitals).