James Moore

James Moore

Murder by Numbers

Fascinating Figures behind the World’s Worst Crimes

The History Press (January 2018)
Moore Murder by NumbersWhat is the connection between the number 13 and Jack the Ripper? Why was the number 18 crucial in catching Acid Bath murderer John George Haigh? And what is so puzzling about the number 340 in the chilling case of the Zodiac killer? The answers to all these questions and many more are revealed in a unique, number-crunching history of the ultimate crime. James Moore’s Murder by Numbers tells the story of murder through the centuries in an entirely new way … through the key digits involved. Each entry starts with a number and leads into a different aspect of murder, be it a fascinating angle to a case or revealing insights into murder methods, punishments and, of course, the chilling figures behind the most notorious killers from our past. From the grizzly death toll of the world’s worst serial killer to your own odds of being murdered, this guide will appeal to the connoisseur of true crime and the casual reader alike.

James Moore

The Tudor Murder Files

Pen & Sword History (September 2016)

Moore The Tudor Murder FilesIn the Tudor age the murder rate was five times higher than it is today. Now, in this unique true crime guide, the Tudor Murder Files reveals just how bloody and brutal this fascinating era really was. From the dark days of Henry VIII to the turbulent times of Shakespeare, James Moore’s new book is the first to chart the period’s most gripping murder cases in all their grizzly detail. Featuring tales of domestic slaughter, sexual intrigue and cunning assassinations, as well as murder mysteries worthy of Agatha Christie, the book vividly brings to life the violent crime wave that gripped the 16th century both at home and abroad. Enter a world in which stabbings were rife, guns were used to kill victims for the first time and in which culprits frequently escaped justice. The book also reveals just how severe some of the penalties could be, with gruesome punishments for those who dared to commit the gravest of crimes. Discover how one murderer was gruesomely ‘pressed to death’, another boiled alive for poisoning his victims

James Moore

Murder at the Inn

A criminal history of Britain’s pubs and hotels

The History Press (February 2015)

Moore Murder at the InnIn which pub did the Krays murder George Cornell and so achieve notoriety as Britain’s most feared gangsters? Where is the hostelry in which Jack the Ripper’s victims drank? How did Burke and Hare befriend their victims in a Scottish watering hole before luring them to their deaths? What is the name of the pub where the Lord Lucan mystery first came to light? And how did a pub become the scene of the murder that led to Ruth Ellis going to the gallows? For centuries, the history of beer and pubs has gone hand in hand with some of the nation’s most despicable and fascinating crimes. Packed with grizzly murders – including fascinating little-known cases – as well as sinister stories of smuggling, robbery and sexual intrigue, Murder at the Inn is a treasure trove of dark tales linked to the best drinking haunts and historic hotels across the land.

James Moore and Paul Nero

History’s Narrowest Escapes

The History Press (August 2013)

James Moore and Paul Nero reveal the dramatic attempts to kill Winston Churchill as well as 49 other narrow escapes in history covering everything from wars that were averted to invasions, revolutions and apocalyptic scenarios, that we escaped by the skin of our teeth. Included are the stories of how Prince Albert from his deathbed stopped war between Britain and the US in the 1860s; how Nelson’s heroics at the Battle of Trafalgar might never have happened, if it hadn’t been for the quick thinking of his son-in-law eight years before; and how the actions of a single Soviet Army colonel avoided World War Three in 1983. History’s Narrowest Escapes reveals how our history could have been very different…and possibly much worse!

James Moore and Paul Nero

Ye Olde Good Inn Guide

A Tudor Traveller’s Guide to the Nation’s Finest Taverns

The History Press (April 2013)

Moore & Nero Ye Olde Good Inn Guide (1)Packed with the finest hostelries to grace the 16th century and written with all the flavour of the language of the day, this witty and meticulously researched tome covers every county in the land and directs you to all its celebrated and charming pubs, many of which still exist today.  Ye Olde Good Inn Guide is an essential aid to both the pub historian and the drinker, who yearns for the lost age of the trusty tavern.

James Moore and Paul Nero

Pigeon-Guided Missiles

and 49 other ideas that never took off

The History Press (August 2011)

Moore & Nero Pigeon Guided MissilesDiscover British Rail’s plan for a spaceship, the scheme to cover Manhattan in a glass dome, and why the Victorian Channel Tunnel hit a dead end.  From nuclear-powered cars to Thomas Edison’s concrete furniture, this book explores fifty exciting ideas that either became victims of the eccentric figures behind them, succumbed to financial and political misfortune, or were simply just too far ahead of their time.

James Moore and Judi James

How to be a Teenage Millionaire

Make the most of your talent, your ideas and your dreams

Puffin (August 2007)

Could your brilliant brainwave change the world?  Think your talent could take you to the top?  Itching to get stuck into business and make a million?  Whatever your dream, it’s closer than you think.  An inspirational guide for teenagers with contributions by dozens of household names, who started small and made it big.

James Moore and Paul Nero

Blagging It

How to get almost everything on the cheap

Michael O’Mara Books ( 2004)

Jealous of friends who always get something for nothing or into events they’ve no right to be at?  From shopping to sex, in the office or out on the town, this is the book for would-be blaggers, bent on having a bigger slice of just about everything.