Peta Bee and Sarah Schenker

The Ageless Body

How to hold back the years to achieve a better body

Bloomsbury Publishing (December 2015)

Bee Schenker The Ageless Body (2)Discover the new goals and new rules that are the route to a healthier, better looking and better functioning body. For life. From Gwen Stefani and Cameron Diaz to Jennifer Aniston and Naomi Watts, a new breed of 40 and 50 plus women are redefining not just what an ageless body looks like, but what’s entailed in achieving it. A dramatic shift in body expectations in the last few years means that, despite being plagued by a slowing metabolism and a naturally-occurring loss of muscle mass, pre- and post-menopausal women can realistically aim for the healthy, well-functioning body they crave as well as a physique that looks good with a flat stomach and sculpted arms. Peta Bee and Dr Sarah Schenker are the living embodiment of this new breed of woman: both in their forties with children, both with hectic careers and social lives. And both with the same bodies they had in their 30s. What matters, they have discovered through self-experimentation and trawling the scientific literature, is how you go about holding back the years. And the rules – for both exercise and diet – have changed

Peta Bee

The Ice Diet

Penguin (January 2015)

Bee The Ice DietSuper-charge your body’s calorie-burning powers to change the way you look and feel forever.

Based on cutting-edge scientific research, The Ice Diet reveals natural ways to beat weight gain by firing up your body’s metabolism to fight flab.

Health and diet expert Peta Bee has devised a unique six-week plan in three easy-to-follow stages that focus on your diet, fitness and lifestyle. It’s the secret Hollywood celebrities have known for some time – cool temperatures in your diet and lifestyle unleash your body’s fat-fighting ability to give you the body nature always intended you to have.

The Ice Diet is the ultimate fast-track to weight loss, providing dramatic and life-changing results.

Clive Driscoll

In Pursuit of the Truth

A Life in the Met

Ebury Press (July 2015)

Driscoll In Pursuit of the TruthGripping, inspiring and at times shocking, In Pursuit of the Truth is a warts-and-all account of modern day policing – seen through the eyes of a man who has dedicated his life to making a difference.

Former Detective Chief Inspector Clive Driscoll made his reputation solving the unsolvable. Most famous for finally securing the convictions for the murderers of Stephen Lawrence in 2012, Clive’s prodigious rise through the ranks of the world’s most famous police force, the Met, saw him head up some of the most high-profile units at Scotland Yard.

Clive has dedicated his 35-year career to unearthing the truth. This is his brutally honest story.

Michelle Morgan and Astrid Franse

Before Marilyn

The Blue Book Modelling Years

The History Press (July 2015)

Franse Morgan Before MarilynBefore Marilyn tells the story of Marilyn Monroe’s modelling career, during which time she was signed to the famous Blue Book Agency in Hollywood. The head of the agency, Miss Emmeline Snively, saw potential in the young woman and kept detailed records and correspondence throughout their professional relationship and beyond. On the day of Monroe’s funeral, Snively gave an interview from her office, talking about the girl she had discovered, before announcing, rather dramatically, that she was closing the lid on her Marilyn Monroe archive that day – to ‘lock it away forever’. This archive was purchased by Astrid Franse, and together with bestselling Marilyn Monroe biographer Michelle Morgan they draw on this collection of never-before-seen documents, letters and much, much more. Before Marilyn explores an aspect of Monroe’s life that has never been fully revealed – by charting every modelling job she did, and illustrating the text with rare and unpublished photographs of the young model and her mentor.

Alison Goldie

The Improv Book

Improvisation for Theatre, Comedy, Education and Life

Oberon (June 2015)

Goldie The Improv BookA smart, utterly accessible and inspiring manual on improvised games and scenarios, and how and why to play them. Alison has used ‘impro’ to create comedy and theatre for 25 years and brings a wealth of experience to students and teachers, theatre groups, and all those who want to discover how ‘impro’ can stimulate creativity and confidence both in performance and in their lives.

Albert Jack

They Laughed at Galileo

How The Great Inventors Proved Their Critics Wrong

Constable (May 2015)

Jack They Laughed at GalileoFrom the wireless to the computer, and from hula hoops to interplanetary travel, inventions and discoveries have changed our lifestyles in ways that would have astounded our ancestors. Each of them was originally developed by visionaries who dreamt of the seemingly impossible, but who were opposed by an array of experts publicly declaring that ‘It cannot be done.’

Well, yes it could, and here’s the story of how those dreamers overcame the odds against them.

Naomi Jacobs

Forgotten Girl

A powerful true story of amnesia, secrets and second chances

Pan Books (April 2015)

Jacobs Forgotten GirlNaomi Jacobs went to sleep one night in 2008 as a 32-year-old mother, and woke up the next morning believing she was a fifteen-year-old school girl. She did not recognise the house she woke up in, though it was hers, nor her ten-year-old son, Leo. As far as she was concerned, she was in 1992 when John Major was Prime Minister, before the world had been blessed with mobile phones, DVDs or reality TV. She didn’t know it, but she had dissociative amnesia.

With the help of her personal diaries and those close to her, Naomi set about piecing together as much as she could of her missing years. What she discovered shocked her. As she dug deeper, she began to experience disturbing flashbacks of traumatic events. Would Naomi ever find her way back to the person she once was? Did she even want to?

Funny and moving, I Woke Up in the Future is ultimately an inspiring story of loss and redemption, and the power of second chances.

Roberta Kray

Dangerous Promises

Sphere (September 2015)

Kray Dangerous PromisesWhen Sadie Wise strikes up a seemingly innocent conversation with a stranger on a train, the only thing on her mind is finding her husband Eddie and making him sign their divorce papers. She tells Mona that Eddie has been avoiding her for years but now Sadie knows where he is, she can finally be free from him. In Sadie’s mind, it’s a throwaway moment. In Mona’s mind, Sadie is asking Mona to do something very dangerous for her.

That one chance encounter sets off a chain of events involving murder, deception and danger and Sadie soon realises that Mona has taken their meeting very seriously. Because now Mona is everywhere and she won’t leave Sadie alone until she’s fulfilled her side of their ‘deal’ . . .

Roberta Kray

The Honeytrap

Part 1

(July 2015)

Kray Honeytrap Part 1The first part in this four-part ebook-serial from Roberta Kray – no one knows crime like Kray.

Harry Lind isn’t a huge fan of the honeytrap side of his detective business so when there are no male ‘honeytraps’ available for a client he takes a hell of a lot of convincing to step up. And then he runs into an old acquaintance when he’s on the job and things get a lot worse. Ellen Shaw is trouble with a capital T but why is she talking to Danny Street, one of the most notorious gangsters in the East End? Suddenly, Harry feels as though he’s about to get involved in a different kind of trap altogether . . .

Full of strong characters and authentic East End gangland action, The Honeytrap is an enthralling read from the author of No Mercy and Streetwise.

Roberta Kray

The Honeytrap

Part 2

Sphere (July 2015)

Kray Honeytrap Part 2When Harry gets the call from Jess telling him that Sylvie is missing, he’s not too concerned. He’s certain Jess is overreacting. It’s more likely that Sylvie had to make a hasty exit than she’s been targeted by her honeytrap mark. And he has other things to worry about – like Danny Street and Ellen Shaw.
Still, better safe than sorry. But when he joins Jess at the bar, it soon becomes clear that something really is wrong. Sylvie is nowhere to be seen and Jess and Harry can’t get through to her. Is there something more sinister going on than a simple honeytrap gone wrong?


Roberta Kray

The Honeytrap

Part 3

(July 2015)

Kray Honeytrap Part 3A woman has been murdered and Harry was one of the last people to see her alive. Sylvie is still missing and even though Harry’s in a bind with the police, he’s relieved that the body they’ve found isn’t his friend. But all these women keeping causing him nothing but trouble – Ellen, Sylvie, and now one of them has turned up dead. Not to mention that another one is out there somewhere, trying to buy a gun . . . But who’s the priority? Which one is in the most peril?

Roberta Kray

The Honeytrap

Part 4

(July 2015)

Kray Honeytrap Part 4If Harry had known bumping into Ellen Shaw after all this time would end up like this, he would’ve turned around and walked away without a backward glance. She is a woman on the edge and he wants to help her, but he needs to get her to open up first. And that’s not the only thing he’s worried about. Jess is becoming increasingly concerned about Sylvie, especially now that it looks like she was involved with someone shady. Can Harry and Jess find her, and help Ellen, before it’s too late?

Carol Ann Lee

The Murders at White House Farm

Jeremy Bamber and the killing of his family. The definitive investigation

Sidgwick & Jackson (July 2015)

Lee The Murders at White House Farm PaperbackAs the media destroyed Sheila’s reputation, the behaviour of her brother Jeremy was raising suspicions in his horrified relatives. Had he committed the murders in order to inherit from his wealthy parents? Dramatic new evidence suggested he had, and he was convicted the following year. He has always protested his innocence.

Drawing on extensive new research, including correspondence with Jeremy Bamber, Carol Ann Lee describes the years of rising tension in the family that culminated in the murders and takes us through the twists and turns of the investigation and trial. Scrupulously fair, The Murders at White House Farm is an absorbing portrait of a family, a time and place, and a gripping account of one of Britain’s most notorious crimes.

James Moore

Murder at the Inn

A criminal history of Britain’s pubs and hotels

The History Press (February 2015)

Moore Murder at the InnIn which pub did the Krays murder George Cornell and so achieve notoriety as Britain’s most feared gangsters? Where is the hostelry in which Jack the Ripper’s victims drank? How did Burke and Hare befriend their victims in a Scottish watering hole before luring them to their deaths? What is the name of the pub where the Lord Lucan mystery first came to light? And how did a pub become the scene of the murder that led to Ruth Ellis going to the gallows? For centuries, the history of beer and pubs has gone hand in hand with some of the nation’s most despicable and fascinating crimes. Packed with grizzly murders – including fascinating little-known cases – as well as sinister stories of smuggling, robbery and sexual intrigue, Murder at the Inn is a treasure trove of dark tales linked to the best drinking haunts and historic hotels across the land.

Michelle Morgan

The Ice Cream Blonde

The whirlwind life and mysterious death of screwball comedienne Thelma Todd

Chicago Review Press (November 2015)

Morgan The Ice Cream BlondeEchoing closely the glitz and the sinister undercurrents of The Great Gatsby, the blonde silent movie actress, Thelma Todd, was just 29, when she died in mysterious circumstances in December 1935.  She was found by her housekeeper in a garage in Hollywood, owned by her lover, film director Roland West and his wife, the actress, Jewel Carmen.  The inquest concluded that her death was “accidental”, caused by inhaling her car’s exhaust fumes.  The garage was 271 steps above her newly-opened and fashionable Thelma Todd’s Sidewalk Café.  In this intriguing and gripping investigation, Michelle Morgan, author of several major books on Marilyn Monroe and Hollywood, proves that Thelma had been murdered.  But by who?  Through her special talent of discovering new sources of information and interviewees who have never divulged their inside knowledge previously, Michelle gets to the definitive solution of  who killed Thelma Todd.

Michelle Morgan


Robinson (April 2015)

Madonna_coverMadonna: singer, songwriter, actress, businesswoman, not to mention one of the most renowned cultural icons of the last three decades. Since her first, eponymous album, over thirty years ago Madonna has sold a remarkable 300 million records worldwide, making her the top-selling female recording artist of all time. Madonna is famous for continuously reinventing both her music and her image. By pushing the boundaries of mainstream popular music with both her lyrical content and the imagery in her music videos she achieved extraordinary popularity. Morgan offers a richly illustrated, comprehensive account of the artist’s phenomenally successful career. Reviews, interviews, commentary, and Madonna’s own words shed new light on her videos, books, tours, fashion, charity work and every other aspect of her life.

Zana Morris and Helen Foster

The High Fat Diet

Vermilion (January 2015)

Morris Foster The High Fat DietThis groundbreaking new book rewrites the rules of effective weight loss to reveal the real secret to rapid and sustained weight loss: quite simply, to burn fat, you need to eat fat.

Over the last 12 years leading trainer Zana Morris has helped thousands of clients get the results they want with her unique diet and exercise plan. Now in this book she makes it available to everyone for the very first time. Backed by the latest science showing that the right fats are healthy and aid weight loss not weight gain, The High Fat Diet presents a unique nutrition plan and a targeted 12-minute, high intensity workout, which together will enable you to get the results you want – and fast!

Simple and highly effective, The High Fat Diet will ensure you burn fat, not muscle, as you get rid of your unwanted pounds.

Alan Moss and Keith Skinner

Scotland Yard’s History of Crime in 100 Objects

The History Press (October 2015)

Moss Skinner Scotland Yard's History of Crime in 100 ObjectsExplore Britain’s dark criminal history through the fascinating objects that have been hidden away in the Crime Museum at Scotland Yard, a collection that, although world famous, is so sensitive it has never before been opened to the public. Each object tells its own story: the briefcase with a concealed syringe owned by the notorious Kray twins; the gun Ruth Ellis used to murder her lover David Blakely; a burnt-out computer from the Glasgow airport car bomb; a picture from the property of serial killer Dennis Nilsen of the grisly drain that was blocked with human body parts; and the gun that Edward Oxford fired at Queen Victoria on 10 June 1840 in a failed assassination attempt. This is an absorbing, shocking and sometimes gruesome journey through 100 objects of criminal history, some of which have never before seen the light of day. Peer within to experience a unique insight into the crimes and criminals that have passed through Scotland Yard.

Wynne Weston-Davies

The Real Mary Kelly

Jack the Ripper’s fifth victim and the identity of the man that killed her

Blink Publishing (August 2015)

Weston-Davies The Real Mary KellyMany researchers have tried over the decades to discover Mary Jane Kelly’s true identity. She was the final and most brutally murdered victim of Jack the Ripper, but almost nothing is known about her family or her earlier life. In this thrilling book, author, qualified surgeon and Mary’s great-nephew, Wynne Weston-Davies, explores the inscrutable circumstances behind the Ripper’s fifth and final victim and how the elusive life of Mary Jane Kelly is wholly intertwined with the mystery of her legendary killer.