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William Beadle

Jack the Ripper Unmasked

John Blake Publishing ( 2009)

The highly respected crime historian and Chairman of The Whitechapel Society builds a compelling case for identifying horsemeat butcher, William Bury, as Jack the Ripper.  Bury came to live in Whitechapel in 1887, a year before the killings of five prostitutes.  The murder and mutilation of his own wife, a former prostitute, bore many of the hallmarks of the Ripper’s modus operandi.

Paul Begg, Keith Skinner and Martin Fido

The Complete Jack the Ripper A to Z

The ultimate guide to the ripper mystery

John Blake Publishing ( 2010)

Quite simply, this is the Jack the Ripper “bible”, the indispensable book of reference written in an easily accessed alphabetical format by three renowned authorities on the case, and utterly dependable on every detail and aspect of it.

Robert Driscoll

Lethal Shot

A Royal Marine Commando In Action

John Blake Publishing (May 2019)

Rob Driscoll, former sergeant with 42 Commando, Royal Marines, served tours in Iraq, Kuwait and Driscoll Lethal ShotKosovo. A born leader of fighting men, with the medals to prove it, he also endured three tours in Afghanistan. The third of those will go down in history as one of the UK military’s darkest hours, for it marked the first time a British serviceman has been tried for a murder on the battlefield since the Second World War.

That man was Sergeant Alexander Blackman, Rob Driscoll’s friend and fellow NCO in 42 Commando, and on the day in question they were commanding patrols within a few hundred yards of each other. Few men know what really went on that day in Helmand Province. Rob Driscoll is one. And in his book – with Blackman’s blessing – he reveals all.

Yet Fire a Lethal Shot is more than a compelling insight into one of the most controversial rulings in recent military history. It is a clear-eyed account of life on active service with the Royal Marines, of incursions into war-torn countries where chaos and anarchy ruled – and of risking your life daily for politicians back home who won’t support you. In charting its author’s career as a Royal Marine Commando, it unflinchingly demonstrates the real-life horrors of engaging at close quarters with enemies such as the Taliban – as well as the dangers that politics can bring to the ordinary fighting serviceman.

Sergeants Blackman and Driscoll were two sides of the same coin. One came home a hero, the other a wanted man. But for circumstance, it might have been the other way round.

Penny Farmer

Dead In The Water

Bringing down my brother’s killer after his 38 years on the run

John Blake Publishing (August 2018)

Dead in the Water

This is the true and horrifying account of the brutal torture and murder of the author’s brother and his long-time girlfriend forty years ago. In July 1978, two bodies were found in the sea off the coast of Guatemala, and proved to be the remains of Dr Chris Farmer and his lawyer girlfriend, Peta Frampton, young graduates, aged twenty-five and twenty-four, from Greater Manchester. After suffering a three-day ordeal in which they were tortured, they were then thrown overboard while still alive from the yacht on which they had been crewing, their bodies weighted down with heavy iron engine parts and their heads covered in plastic bags. For nearly forty years, no one was charged with these savage murders, even though the names of the yacht, the Justin B, and its owner, a Californian named Silas Duane Boston, were known.

But this is also the story of how Chris’s sister, journalist Penny Farmer, and her family, tracked down the killer and assembled the evidence against him, leading to the arrest of Boston in California in December 2016. By now in his seventies he was charged with two counts of maritime murder. He pleaded not guilty, but among the evidence that Chris Farmer’s family, the police forces in both the UK and the USA, as well as the FBI and Interpol, had so patiently collected, was the shocking eyewitness testimony of both of Boston’s two sons who, aged thirteen and twelve, had been present when the murders took place.

Regrettably, Boston will now never face justice, for he effectively took his own life in prison in April 2017. But for the families of Chris and Peta, they have at least the satisfaction of knowing that, through their own efforts over many years, this serial killer did not escape being made to face his crimes.

Anita Kelsey


Confessions of a Professional Cat Groomer

John Blake Publishing (September 2017)

Kelsey ClawsThroughout her years visiting people’s homes as a cat groomer, Anita Kelsey has amassed a vast array of funny, cute and ridiculous stories about cats and, of course, their owners. In Claws, she picks out just a few of her favourite tales to share with the reader from, ‘Sammy the Swooner’ to ‘Tubbs: The Fat Cat Caught in His Flap’.

Claws is a must-have book for all cat lovers by an author drawing on a lifetime of living with and professionally caring for cats in their various guises and eccentricities. In the pages of Anita Kelsey’s entertaining and heart warming book, you’ll meet twenty of the most characterful cats, all eventually calmed and preened to their natural beauty and animal magnificence by the author. Meet their owners, too, and enjoy Anita’s take on the individual relationships between pet and owner.

Angela Levin


Conversations with the Prince

John Blake Publishing (May 2018)


Once a reckless rebel, now a respected role model, Prince Harry is one of the world’s most popular royals and the force behind giving the British royal family a twenty-first century makeover. How has he done it? Harry: Conversations with the Prince is a three-dimensional look at what Harry is really like, both on and off royal duty. It is written by distinguished journalist and author Angela Levin, who accompanied Prince Harry on many of his engagements and had exclusive access to him at Kensington Palace.

The book unwraps the real man behind the camera, and his own perceptive insights. It delves into his troubled childhood and the lasting effect of losing his adored mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, so young. It explores his rebellious teenage years and the key defining moments that have enabled him to face his demons and use this experience to help others who struggle with mental, emotional and physical pain. Angela Levin found a complex man who has inherited his late mother’s extraordinary charisma and is determined to ‘make a difference.’

After finding the love of his life in Meghan Markle, and in anticipation of their marriage this year, this is a celebration of the real Prince Harry.

Mary Long

Diamonds Are Forever – Shirley Bassey

A Celebration of My 50 Years As Her Greatest Fan

John Blake Publishing (January 2017)

long-diamonds-are-foreverOn 8 January 2017, Dame Shirley Bassey, one of the greatest performers and voices of her generation, will be eighty. This is her unique story, told at first-hand by her greatest fan.

Since she signed her first professional contract at the age of sixteen, Shirley Bassey has become one of the most prestigious singers of her time. Her work has inspired and influenced many, and will continue to do so for generations to come.

Diamonds Are Forever is the fascinating story of Shirley Bassey told from the perspective of one of her greatest fans. Mary Long first met the star in 1963 while a teenager, and since then has encountered her hundreds of times. In doing so, she has developed a unique insight into the life and career of one of our most iconic singers.

The author s warm personal story recounts her heroine s journey to becoming one of the all-time greats of the British music industry, performing at such events as the Oscars and the Royal Variety Show. She also holds the record for singing the most title songs for James Bond films, with three: Goldfinger , Diamonds Are Forever and Moonraker .

Published to mark Dame Shirley s eightieth birthday, Diamonds Are Forever looks back on the life of this incredible artist whose music has touched so many. It is an essential buy not only for her countless thousands of fans worldwide, but also for anyone who admires and enjoys her music.

Jean MacColl

with John Dalby and Fred Shortand

Sun on the Water

The brilliant life and tragic death of Kirsty MacColl

John Blake Publishing ( 2008)

MacColl Sun on The WaterA mother’s moving memoir of the hugely talented singer and songwriter, Kirsty MacColl, best known for the legendary Christmas anthem Fairytale of New York (with The Pogues), and tragically cut down by a recklessly and illegally driven speedboat off the coast of Mexico in 2000 at the age of 43

Lenny McLean

with Peter Gerrard

The Guv’nor Tapes

John Blake Publishing ( 2007)

McLean The Guv'nor TapesBareknuckle fighter and East End legend Lenny McLean sat down for months talking to Peter Gerrard to write one of the best-selling books of all-time, The Guv’nor.  This companion to it, contains riveting conversations from the original tapes, raw and unedited.

Paddy Monaghan

with Peter Gerrard

Street Fighting Man

John Blake Publishing ( 2008)

Foreword by Mohammed Ali

A bareknuckle fighter in the same league as Lenny McLean and Roy Shaw, Monaghan has an unbroken record of 114 fights.  Muhammed Ali had this to say about the author: “Paddy and I have been friends since the early 1960s.  He has a great story to tell, and he knows it.  He has written from the heart.”