William Beadle

Jack the Ripper Unmasked

John Blake Publishing ( 2009)

The highly respected crime historian and Chairman of The Whitechapel Society builds a compelling case for identifying horsemeat butcher, William Bury, as Jack the Ripper.  Bury came to live in Whitechapel in 1887, a year before the killings of five prostitutes.  The murder and mutilation of his own wife, a former prostitute, bore many of the hallmarks of the Ripper’s modus operandi.

Martyn Compton and Michelle Compton

with Marnie Summerfield Smith

Home From War

How love conquered the horrors of a soldier’s Afghan nightmare

Mainstream Publishing ( 2009)

Foreword by HRH The Duke of Cambridge

Compton Home From WarLance Corporal Martyn Compton’s life changed dramatically when a Taliban ambush killed three of his colleagues in Helmand and left him for dead with third degree burns to 75% of his body.  Bravely rescued by a comrade, he was brought back to Britain in a critical condition and endured the gruelling ordeal of countless operations.  By his side throughout his on-going recovery was his loyal fiancée, Michelle.  They married as soon as Martyn was fit to do so, and have now been blessed with two babies.

Roberta Kray

Strong Women

Sphere ( 2009)

Kray Strong WomenJo Strong is the youngest widow in the East End.  Running her late husband’s jewellery shop, mercilessly bullied by her evil mother-in-law, she is trying to get her life back together again.  But then the fourteen year-old daughter of one off the East End’s most notorious gangsters is kidnapped, and Jo finds herself in a deadly race against time to rescue the girl.

Alexander Sinclair

Mummy Doesn’t Love You

The shocking true story of a mother’s campaign to destroy
    the life and mind of her own child

Ebury Press ( 2009)

Sinclair Mummy Doesn't Love YouAlexander Sinclair was the target of his Greek mother’s irrational hatred.  She was determined to destroy his mind, even his life.  As a young boy in Wales, Alex received severe beatings from his mother, who force-fed him amphetamines and Valium ‘to keep him in line’.  Enraged, she spirited him to Greece and committed Alex permanently to one of the worst mental institutions in Europe.  Here, he experienced unspeakable horrors until, at last, his British father found him and was able to arrange a daring escape from his incarceration.  A top 10 bestseller.

Private Len Smith

Drawing Fire

The diary of a great war soldier and artist

HarperCollins ( 2009)

Smith Drawing FireThe horrors of the 1914-18 War in the trenches are brought to life with rare immediacy and power through the illustrated diary of private soldier and commercial artist Len Smith.  Living through the wholesale slaughter of soldiers on the battlefields of France, including Loos and Vimy Ridge, Len miraculously survived.  His evocative words and colour sketches, all produced at the time in the midst of the combat, form an extraordinarily intimate and important first-hand record of trench warfare.

Gretel Mahoney and Claudia Strachan

Mrs Mahoney’s Secret War

The untold story of an extraordinary young woman’s resistance against the

Mainstream Publishing ( 2009)

Mahoney & Strachan Mrs Mahoney's Secret WarThe inspiring story of a courageous young woman in the German Resistance.  Gretel helped to protect fugitives hunted by the Gestapo, hid her Jewish doctor in her house cellar, and passed secrets to the Resistance, which she had learned from her employment in the Wehrmacht, sending and receiving messages on the Enigma encryption machine.  Rescued in 1945, she married one of the British officers, who had liberated her.

Natalie Welsh

with Diane Taylor

Sentenced To Hell

The incredible true story of a young mother’s miraculous escape from
    Venezuela’s notorious prison system

Sphere ( 2009)

In a moment of madness, Natalie agreed to be a ‘mule’.  Arrested by the Venezuelan airport authorities for the possession of drugs, she was given a prison sentence of ten years, and entered a nightmare world, where rapes, gang warfare and executions routinely occurred in the prison at the hands of its armed inmates.  Against impossible odds, Natalie escaped in a death-defying flight through Colombia and eventually back to Britain.  Sentenced to Hell is the compelling story of how one bad decision came very close to destroying Natalie’s life.

Robert Winnett and Gordon Rayner

No Expenses Spared

The inside story of the scoop which changed the face of British politics
    – by the team that broke it

Bantam Press ( 2009)

Winnett & Rayner No Expenses SparedNo Expenses Spared is the gripping behind-the-scenes account by two of the Daily Telegraph’s top reporters, of how, month by month, the newspaper exposed the MPs’ expenses scandal during 2008 and 2009.  Their relentless outpouring of revelations of greed and corruption, led to the resignation of the Speaker and several Cabinet ministers, dealing a terminal blow to Gordon Brown’s prime-ministership, much as the Profumo scandal brought the Macmillan Government to its knees in 1963.