Peta Bee

The Food Swap Diet

Discover the food swaps that will transform your diet and your weight
    – permanently

Piatkus (January 2013)

Bee The Food Swap DietThe health and fitness columnist of The Times, has written an easy-to-use and permanently effective guide to achieving optimum weight, not by following the latest diet trend, but by making wise food choices every day.  Simply by swapping some of the foods you eat regularly for healthier options, you can shave hundreds of calories every day, along with unnecessary sugar and fat, from your diet without ‘going on a diet’.  You choose which foods you want to swap, so there are no banned foods, no skipping meals and definitely no going hungry!

Judy Cook

with Angela Levin

Loving Peter

My life with Peter Cook and Dudley Moore

Piatkus ( 2008)

Cook Loving PeterPeter and Judy Cook were the stunningly attractive and brilliant epitome of the Swinging Sixties.  Married to Peter for more than 20 years, Judy strips away the veneer and writes candidly about her life with the tortured, hugely influential comic genius, and his obsessively competitive relationship with Dudley Moore.

Kim Noble

with Jeff Hudson

All of Me

My incredible story of how I learned to live
     with the many personalities sharing my body

Piatkus ( 2011)

Noble All of MeKim Noble is an accomplished artist and the mother of 14-year-old Aimee.  There’s just one problem.  To all extents and purposes, Kim Noble does not exist.  Kim’s mind had fragmented as a result of repeated and horrific abuse before her third birthday.  Diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), her body plays host to 20 or more different personalities, each of whom paints in a completely different style.  Kim’s memoir takes us into her world of multiple realities, which is by turns shocking, funny and inspiring.  A top 10 bestseller.

James Reed

Life’s Work

12 Proven Ways to Fast-Track Your Career

Piatkus (January 2020)

Reed Life's WorkThere’s never been a better time to create the career you love. This book shows you how.

By the time you retire you’ll have spent a third of your life working. That’s far too long to be stuck in a job you hate or even just tolerate. You want one you find rewarding – in head and heart, as well as wallet – but where to start?

The good news is the future lies in your hands. With the right actions and attitude you can power ahead with a career you enjoy. To grasp this opportunity, you’ll need to challenge your existing thinking and approach the world of work with new eyes, but you won’t be doing it alone. This book will show you 12 proven ways to fast track your career, so when you leap out of bed every Monday morning you’ll be ready to take on the world.

The book is written by James Reed, Chairman of REED, Britain’s best-known recruitment brand and employer of over 3,500 people. Over the past 25 years he has helped millions of people to find jobs, and in doing so has talked with countless job seekers and thousands of recruiters as well as his own business network. This has given him a deep insight into what makes some people successful in building a rewarding career, while others are stuck in the confusion and frustration of not landing the job they want.

Through these multiple observations and conversations, James has learned that there are 12 key ways to build and sustain the career you want:

· Look in the mirror . . . (ask ‘who am I?’, ‘who do I want to be?’ and ‘how am I going to become that person?’)
· Go to parties (embrace the magic of invitations and conversations)
· Play Poohsticks (find the fast-flowing water and locate your career in that)
· Be selfish (do what you enjoy and you’ll perform well at it)
· Kick start some good habits and kick out some bad ones (the things you do every day are the ones that make the difference)
· Pick your targets (make sure you are where you are because of the choices you’ve made)
· Think in days and decades (focus on the immediate present and dare to imagine the unforeseeable future)
· Be powerful, be prepared (planning and preparation are essential for a great career)
· Showcase your work ethic (work hard, learn from your mistakes – and show it)
· Ask for help (this is something too many people find difficult)
· Find a boss you can learn from (the more and faster you learn, the further you’ll travel)
· Change your job and change your life (if you don’t enjoy your job, keep looking until you find one you do)

Today’s job landscape allows you more freedom to carve your own path than ever before. Along with this, however, comes the responsibility of shaping your mind and actions to make your career work for you. This book shows you how.

Bob Taylor


Inside the minds of Britain’s most evil criminals

Piatkus ( 2002)

The former head of operations in the National Crime Squad, Detective Chief Superintendent Bob Taylor, has an unprecedented 100% detection and conviction record.  His cases include a respectable suburban man with a deadly shoe fetish and the cunning and resourceful murderer of Julie Dart, Michael Sams.  The author takes us behind the scenes of detecting these and many more intriguing crimes during his distinguished career.