Peta Bee

Peta BeePeta Bee is an award-winning journalist with degrees in sports science and nutrition. She writes articles on health and fitness in The Times and contributes to the Sunday Times and Daily Mail as well as being contributing editor of Women’s Running magazine. Peta has appeared widely on television and radio and has authored six books. She is a former winner of Fitness Professional of the Year and she won the Medical Journalists’ Association’s Freelancer of the Year award in 2008 and 2012.

Peta Bee and Sarah Schenker

The Ageless Body

How to hold back the years to achieve a better body

Bloomsbury Publishing (December 2015)

Bee Schenker The Ageless Body (2)Discover the new goals and new rules that are the route to a healthier, better looking and better functioning body. For life. From Gwen Stefani and Cameron Diaz to Jennifer Aniston and Naomi Watts, a new breed of 40 and 50 plus women are redefining not just what an ageless body looks like, but what’s entailed in achieving it. A dramatic shift in body expectations in the last few years means that, despite being plagued by a slowing metabolism and a naturally-occurring loss of muscle mass, pre- and post-menopausal women can realistically aim for the healthy, well-functioning body they crave as well as a physique that looks good with a flat stomach and sculpted arms. Peta Bee and Dr Sarah Schenker are the living embodiment of this new breed of woman: both in their forties with children, both with hectic careers and social lives. And both with the same bodies they had in their 30s. What matters, they have discovered through self-experimentation and trawling the scientific literature, is how you go about holding back the years. And the rules – for both exercise and diet – have changed

Peta Bee

The Ice Diet

Penguin (January 2015)

Bee The Ice DietSuper-charge your body’s calorie-burning powers to change the way you look and feel forever.

Based on cutting-edge scientific research, The Ice Diet reveals natural ways to beat weight gain by firing up your body’s metabolism to fight flab.

Health and diet expert Peta Bee has devised a unique six-week plan in three easy-to-follow stages that focus on your diet, fitness and lifestyle. It’s the secret Hollywood celebrities have known for some time – cool temperatures in your diet and lifestyle unleash your body’s fat-fighting ability to give you the body nature always intended you to have.

The Ice Diet is the ultimate fast-track to weight loss, providing dramatic and life-changing results.

Peta Bee

Fast Exercise

The simple secret of high intensity training

Short Books (December 2013)

Bee Fast ExerciseCan you really get the benefits of exercise in just a few minutes a day? Michael Mosley and Peta Bee investigate the science behind a radically different approach to exercise – one that is incredibly time efficient.

Research has shown the extraordinary impact that ultra-short bursts of HIT (high intensity training) can have, whatever your age or level of fitness.

They offer practical advice and a range of workouts that take just a few minutes a day and can be done at any time, anywhere.

Peta Bee

Get Fit For The Games

Every woman’s total fitness workout

Carlton (January 2011)

Foreword by Victoria Pendleton MBE


Bee Get Fit For The GamesPeta Bee, award-winning journalist on health and fitness, principally in The Times, wrote this copiously illustrated official London 2012 Olympic Games guide for anyone aiming to improve their exercise and fitness levels, both in the run-up to the Games and for the “legacy” years which followed.

Peta Bee

The Food Swap Diet

Discover the food swaps that will transform your diet and your weight
    – permanently

Piatkus (January 2013)

Bee The Food Swap DietThe health and fitness columnist of The Times, has written an easy-to-use and permanently effective guide to achieving optimum weight, not by following the latest diet trend, but by making wise food choices every day.  Simply by swapping some of the foods you eat regularly for healthier options, you can shave hundreds of calories every day, along with unnecessary sugar and fat, from your diet without ‘going on a diet’.  You choose which foods you want to swap, so there are no banned foods, no skipping meals and definitely no going hungry!