Paul Begg and John Bennett

Jack the Ripper

CSI: Whitechapel

André Deutsch ( 2012)

Illustrated by Jaakko Luukanen

Includes over 30 new CGI artworks recreating the crime scenes in stunning detail

Begg & Bennett Jack the Ripper CSI WhitechapelA brilliant visual CGI concept, backed up with expert analysis, which allows the reader to experience all the locations and physical circumstances of the five Ripper murders, exactly as the victims, the witnesses, the police and the Ripper himself would have done, a century and a quarter ago.

James Carnac

The Autobiography of Jack the Ripper

A recently discovered manuscript written in 1929

Bantam Press ( 2012)

Carnc The Autobiography of Jack  the RipperThis fascinating manuscript from 1929 purports to be written by James Carnac, confessing to being Jack the Ripper.  It is unique for being the earliest known account of a serial killer’s crimes to be written in the first-person.  The manuscript was discovered by Alan Hicken amongst the many items, which he had acquired for his TV, Radio and Toy Museum in Montacute, Somerset, from the family of the illustrator and children’s author, Sydney Hulme Beaman, now chiefly remembered for his Toytown stories, featuring Larry the Lamb.  The text is an original and compelling narrative.  If the Whitechapel murderer is not its actual author, he is almost certainly its principal source of information on the crimes.

Robert Clarke

Seven Years With Banksy

Michael O’Mara Books ( 2012)

Clarke Seven Years With BanksyBanky’s trusted friend and fellow Bristolian recalls entertainingly and in revealing detail, hanging out with the iconic and notoriously private graffiti artist in New York, London and the West Country.

Becci Fox

Confessions of An Essex Girl

A smart, sexy and scandalously funny exposé

Pan Books ( 2012)

Fox Confessions of an Essex GirlThe Only Way Is Essex introduced Essex men and girls to TV audiences , but only a watered-down version of the species.  In Confessions of an Essex Girl, the ultimate Essex girl, Becci Fox, has written an outrageously funny and deadly accurate account of Essex in the raw, experienced first-hand.  In contrast to the programme, every episode in the book happened exactly as she writes it.  Dozens of rave reviews on Amazon are testimony indeed to the new comic voice that is Becci Fox.

Allan Grice

Call The Fire Brigade

Fighting London’s fires

Mainstream Publishing ( 2012)

Grice Call The Fire BrigadeWorking as a firefighter in London’s East End during the early 1970s was a tough but rewarding job for Allan Grice.  Back then, before the days of health and safety, he would crawl fearlessly below the level of the most intense heat and ‘eat smoke’, if there was a chance of rescuing a stranded child or impeding a rapidly spreading inferno.  Allan’s experiences of fires in factories, warehouses, tenements and other dwellings, as well as non-fire emergencies such as the Moorgate Tube disaster of 1975, are dramatically described, and the camaraderie among the fire crews vividly depicted.

Professor Brian Kirby and Tim Kirby PhD

How To Live To 110

Your comprehensive guide to a healthy life

Metro (April 2012)

Kirby How To Live To 110Professor Brian Kirby, OBE, draws on more than 40 years’ experience with patients as a consultant in the NHS to co-write with Tim Kirby a highly accessible, scientifically grounded, no-nonsense handbook on giving your body its best chances for a healthy and a long life.

Roberta Kray

Nothing But Trouble

Some people are just born bad

Sphere ( 2012)

Kray Nothing But TroubleA wild gang of girls live for terrorising their Estate in London’s East End.  They bully the weakest of their group into breaking in to an empty home.  Two days later, her broken body is found in the house, and the loner who lives there is charged with her murder.  Nearly fifteen years later, Jess Vaughan senses something doesn’t add up about that afternoon.  Roping in detective Harry Lind, Jess starts stirring up all kinds of trouble, asking questions that someone will kill to leave unanswered.

Bobbie Neate

Conspiracy of Secrets

The illicit love affair between Herbert Asquith and Venetia Stanley

Metro ( 2012)

Neate Conspiracy of SecretsAn impressively researched secret family history by Louis Stanley’s step-daughter, who made the devastating discovery that Louis was the love child of 59 year-old First World War Prime Minister, Herbert Asquith, and 24 year-old Venetia Stanley, the influential daughter of Lord and Lady Sheffield of Alderley Hall, Cheshire.  A labyrinthine exposé of intrigue and cover-ups at the highest levels of Edwardian politics and society.

Mark Ryan

Running With Fire

The true story of Chariots of Fire hero Harold Abrahams

The Robson Press ( 2012)

Foreword by His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh

Immortalised by the film Chariots of Fire, Harold Abrahams remains one of Britain’s all-time great Olympians, but as Mark Ryan’s powerful biography recounts, the true story of his life is even more dramatic and moving than as portrayed on the big screen.

Nathan Shapow

with Bob Harris

The Boxer’s Story

Fighting for my life in the Nazi camps

The Robson Press ( 2012)

Shapow The Boxer's StoryLatvian teenage boxer, Nathan Shapow, saw his youth disappear among the terrors of the Jewish ghettos and the Nazi concentration camps.  He defied almost certain death on numerous occasions through his quick-thinking and his prowess as a boxer.  He even killed one of his Nazi tormentors, managing to escape detection.  Remarkably, he survived the war and contrived to enter what was then British-controlled Palestine.  There he was reunited with the girl he had fallen for in one of the camps.  Still married in their nineties, they live happily in the USA.

Neil R. Storey

The Dracula Secrets

Jack the Ripper and the darkest sources of Bram Stoker

The History Press ( 2012)

Storey The Dracula SecretsThough nine years separate the Jack the Ripper murders and the publication of Bram Stoker’s Dracula in 1897, academic historian, Neil Storey, has discovered many fascinating and hitherto unknown links between Stoker’s circle of literary and theatrical friends and one of the key police suspects for the Whitechapel murders.