Russell Edwards

Naming Jack The Ripper

Sidgwick & Jackson (September 2014)

Edwards Naming Jack the RipperBringing together ground-breaking forensic discoveries – including vital DNA evidence – and gripping historical detective work, Naming Jack the Ripper constructs the first truly convincing case for identifying the world’s most notorious serial killer.

In 2007, businessman Russell Edwards bought a shawl believed to have been left beside the body of the fourth victim, Catherine Eddowes. He knew that, if genuine, the shawl would be the only piece of crime scene evidence still in existence. It was the start of an extraordinary seven-year quest for Russell as he sought to authenticate the shawl and learn its secrets. He had no idea that this journey would take him so far.

After undergoing extensive forensic testing by one of the country’s top scientists, the shawl was not only shown to be genuine, and stained with Catherine Eddowes’ blood, but in a massive breakthrough the killer’s DNA was also discovered – DNA that would allow Russell to finally put a name to Jack the Ripper . . .

Charlotte Green

The News is Read….

The Robson Press (October 2014)

Green The News Is ReadCharlotte is a hugely popular broadcaster, but more than that, she is a national treasure. Until her voluntary retirement from the BBC in 2013, Charlotte, was the voice of Radio 4 and voted “the most attractive voice on national radio”.  Her warm and perfectly modulated tones (“like honey with a 99 flake crushed into it being spread on fluffy scones”) were reassuring to her devoted listeners of news stories, read to the nation over a period of 27 years. For her newscast on the day of the London bombings on 7/7/05, she garnered a Sony Gold Award.  As The Times said: “Nobody wished listeners ‘a peaceful night’ quite like her.”  Charlotte’s highly entertaining autobiography will be the book, which all Radio 4 and Classic FM devotees will feel compelled to buy, for the joy of reading her insider revelations, and finding out about this wonderfully warm, funny and modest woman.  Her writing is as beautiful as her voice.

Heidi Kingstone

Dispatches from the Kabul Café

Advance Editions (September 2014)

Kingstone Dispatches From The Kabul CafeWhere can you buy 913 Kalashnikovs?
How do you tell a friend her expat love is never coming back?
What’s it like to date a mercenary?

In 2007, Canadian journalist Heidi Kingstone arrived in Kabul, eager to uncover the mysteries and shadows of one turbulent corner of the world. Over the next four years, she encountered idealists and chancers, gunrunners and warlords. She interviewed generals and partied with powerbrokers and fashionistas. A passionate advocate for women’s rights, she witnessed women as heroes, as victims, as freeloaders, as rivals.

Heidi’s account of the last years of ISAF-controlled Kabul is vividly atmospheric, deeply personal and at times shockingly painful. From air bases to brothels, she tells of disastrous development programs and hopeful couplings against the backdrop of our longest war. But as her friends fall victim to ambush, kidnap and suicide bombing, no amount of booze and adrenalin can soften the devastating realities of NATO’s new Afghanistan.

Roberta Kray

No Mercy

Sphere (November 2014)

Kray No MercyMaddie Layne’s life hasn’t been the same since her sister was murdered. The police never found Greta’s body so all Maddie was left with was unanswered questions – and her orphaned nephew, Zac, to look after. She works hard to make sure Zac has everything he needs; she even tends graves for some extra cash. Maddie isn’t looking for any trouble.

Lucy Rivers died decades ago under suspicious circumstances and the people responsible believe the entire affair is over. And then the mysterious Cato hires Maddie to tend to Lucy’s neglected grave. Maddie starts asking innocent questions, but when she learns that the deaths of her sister and Lucy are linked she knows she must dig deeper.

Lena Gissing, matriarch of one of the East End’s most vicious families, has a vested interest in making sure the truth stays buried. She’s not about to let a nobody like Maddie Layne get in the way . . .

Maurice Mayne

with Mark Ryan

Down But Not Out

The moving true story of a WW2 airman

The History Press (April 2014)

A tremendous memoir by a 92-year-old World War II veteran airman, Maurice Mayne. His life in action as a torpedo gunner came to a dramatic end, when his Beaufort was shot down into the sea off the Norwegian coast in 1942. Badly wounded, he miraculously managed to evacuate the plane, survive near drowning, but was picked up by a German boat and taken to a POW camp, Stalag VII B. From there he made a daring escape across Germany to the North Sea. Reunited with his sweetheart, Sylvia, they married at the end of the War, and still are, 68 years later.