Sidgwick & Jackson

Ralph Bulger

with Rosie Dunn

My James

The heartrending story of James Bulger by his father

Sidgwick & Jackson ( 2013)

Bulger My James PaperbackIt is a crime, no less disturbing today than it was in 1993, when Ralph Bulger’s two- year-old son, James, was abducted and brutally murdered by two ten-year-old boys, Jon Venables and Robert Thompson. Ralph talks with searing honesty about the murder, the nightmares that haunted him and the grief that ripped his marriage apart. He describes his outrage at his son’s killers being sentenced to only eight years’ detention in a secure unit and how he has found the strength to sustain a twenty-year battle to achieve justice for his son. My James is a father’s loving tribute to his adorable young boy, whose bright smile brought joy to all who knew him. Deservedly No. 1 in the Sunday Times bestseller chart.

Russell Edwards

Naming Jack The Ripper

Sidgwick & Jackson (September 2014)

Edwards Naming Jack the RipperBringing together ground-breaking forensic discoveries – including vital DNA evidence – and gripping historical detective work, Naming Jack the Ripper constructs the first truly convincing case for identifying the world’s most notorious serial killer.

In 2007, businessman Russell Edwards bought a shawl believed to have been left beside the body of the fourth victim, Catherine Eddowes. He knew that, if genuine, the shawl would be the only piece of crime scene evidence still in existence. It was the start of an extraordinary seven-year quest for Russell as he sought to authenticate the shawl and learn its secrets. He had no idea that this journey would take him so far.

After undergoing extensive forensic testing by one of the country’s top scientists, the shawl was not only shown to be genuine, and stained with Catherine Eddowes’ blood, but in a massive breakthrough the killer’s DNA was also discovered – DNA that would allow Russell to finally put a name to Jack the Ripper . . .

Freddie Foreman and Tony Lambrianou

with Carol Clerk

Getting It Straight

Villains talking

Sidgwick & Jackson ( 2001)

Foreman & Lambrianou Getting It StraightCarol Clerk persuaded two of the Kray Twins’ most formidable and best known henchmen to get together and talk candidly about old times.  Freddie Foreman, often referred to as the Krays’ ‘Managing Director’, and Tony Lambrianou, who disposed of the body of Jack The Hat McVitie after Reg Kray had murdered him, take a chilling, but fascinating walk down the memory lane of 60s gangland.

Nikola James

The Price of Love

Abused, beaten, trapped in a terrifying relationship
     – one girl’s story of survival

Sidgwick & Jackson ( 2007)

Scarred by her father’s violence and being bullied, sexually assaulted and raped at school, Nikola had nowhere to turn for help.  She fell in love and married Neil while still in her teens, but his abuse of her started on the first night of their honeymoon.  She was tormented, kept a prisoner, sexually abused, and subjected to horrific beatings.  When the violence escalated and he threatened to kill her, Nikola found the courage to fight back and be free of him.  Eventually, she turned her life around, and today is happily married and works as a therapist helping others.

Christine Keeler

with Douglas Thompson

The Truth At Last

My story

Sidgwick & Jackson ( 2001)

Keeler The Truth At LastThe uncensored never-before-told story of one of the defining periods of the twentieth century by the woman at the epicentre of the Profumo scandal, which shook the British establishment to its core in 1963.  Christine reveals society osteopath Stephen Ward’s contacts with the Head of MI5, Roger Hollis, at the height of the Cold War, and how he set up honey traps to achieve his ambitions in the murky world of espionage.  A top 10 bestseller.

Reg Kray

A Way of Life

Over thirty years of blood, sweat and tears

Sidgwick & Jackson ( 2000)

Kray A Way of LifeReg Kray was prison royalty.  The sun shone on those he befriended, but other less fortunate inmates caught a shower.  As he was reaching the end of his life, he wrote an account of his 30 plus years of incarceration in Category A prisons.  Both touching and tough, it stands as a unique documentary of life in Britain’s most secure jails.

Roberta Kray

Reg Kray

A Man Apart

Sidgwick & Jackson ( 2002)

Kray A Man ApartIn Reg Kray: A Man Apart, Reg’s widow Roberta writes frankly about the man she knew so well.  Drawing on previously unseen documents, including letters and prison medical and officers’ reports, she describes the problems he faced and overcame,as well as the reactions of the authorities to one of the longest-serving Category A prisoners in the country.  Roberta sheds new light on his personality, his conflict with Ron, and his first marriage to Frances.  She also details her own relationship with Reg, from their first meeting in 1996 to their marriage in prison, and the trauma of his dying from cancer in October 2000.

Carol Ann Lee

The Murders at White House Farm

Jeremy Bamber and the killing of his family. The definitive investigation

Sidgwick & Jackson (July 2015)

Lee The Murders at White House Farm PaperbackAs the media destroyed Sheila’s reputation, the behaviour of her brother Jeremy was raising suspicions in his horrified relatives. Had he committed the murders in order to inherit from his wealthy parents? Dramatic new evidence suggested he had, and he was convicted the following year. He has always protested his innocence.

Drawing on extensive new research, including correspondence with Jeremy Bamber, Carol Ann Lee describes the years of rising tension in the family that culminated in the murders and takes us through the twists and turns of the investigation and trial. Scrupulously fair, The Murders at White House Farm is an absorbing portrait of a family, a time and place, and a gripping account of one of Britain’s most notorious crimes.

Karl Williams

with Justin Penrose

Killing Time

Locked up in Dubai’s Most Notorious Prison

Sidgwick & Jackson (April 2016)

Williams Killing TimeKarl Williams was on holiday in Dubai, living it large with two English friends, when they were accused of drug dealing, arrested, and tortured by police. They were innocent, but the authorities didn’t care. And so began their year-long nightmare as they were locked up in Port Rashid where prisoners of all nationalities were crammed into stinking cells, violence could erupt in seconds, and control of the jail was in the hands of a few powerful inmates. Unless you knew the right people and could work the system, you were screwed.

Karl was a survivor and managed to rise up the prison pecking order, making friends with local gangsters, Russian mafia and other assorted murderers, drug dealers, fraudsters and hapless innocents he encountered behind bars. But it was hard to stay positive when facing life or the death penalty… And then he was moved to the notorious Central prison, a terrifying place where HIV positive prisoners were used by gangsters to infect their enemies; and murders and rape were common. When Karl had lost all hope of finding justice, Reprieve, an organization of committed human rights defenders, took up his case . . .

Raw, totally gripping, and at times brutally funny, Killing Time takes you behind the shiny desert paradise to the heart of the real Dubai.

Ronnie Knight, John Knight and Det. Supt. Peter Wilton

with Pete Sawyer


The untold story of Britain’s biggest cash robbery

Sidgwick & Jackson ( 2002)

Knight GotchaIn this extraordinary book, the Knight brothers, Ronnie (formerly married to Barbara Windsor) and John, reveal how they planned and executed Britain’s biggest ever cash robbery, lifting a cool £6 million in 1983 from a supposedly impregnable Security Express depot in Shoreditch.  Their co-author is none less than Detective Superintendent Peter Wilton, the cop in charge of the investigation.